Vermont CARES has four offices statewide, with generally consistent programs centered in each. Our main office is based in Burlington. We also maintain regional offices in St. Johnsbury, Rutland, and Montpelier. Here is a summary of what each offers:

Harm Reduction Program

Vermont CARES is a harm reduction organization that provides Syringe Service Programs, HIV/HCV testing, safer sex supplies and educational training across Vermont.

Harm Reduction simply means that we are helping people to reduce the potential harms that may be associated with drug use and sexual activity. We are enabling people to live safer, longer, healthier lives by preventing HIV infection, overdose deaths, viral hepatitis and helping people get connected to treatment options.  Our programs aim to educate, engage and bring evidence-based interventions to those who seek our services through compassionate care and guidance.

Emily Soskin
Case Mgr
Kim Jacobs
Syringe Service Program Site Coordinator
Mina Ganguly-Kiefner
Harm Reduction Specialist
Johny Widell
Outreach Worker