In January the Southern Nevada Health District received word of Hepatitis C transmission that has been linked to unsafe needle practices at an the Endoscopy Center of Nevada. We’ve been receiving some questions about this story and discussed it at our staff meeting. We all decided that we would take a closer look at the story and make sure that we were up on the facts. I found the best information on the Southern Nevada Health District site (click HERE for the site.)

As they say on the website this is an isolated incident and should not cause anyone to avoid medical care. Universal Precautions are in place throughout the medical community as well as in places of employment, schools and other facilities. These precautions exist to protect everyone, regardless of their health status. It is well within a patients rights to ask their medical care provider what precautions they use to ensure the health and safety of both the provider and the patient. Here is the wikipedia site that covers Universal Precautions and for those of you who like bigger words or your information to come from the government, here’s the CDC site for infection control.

If you have any questions about this story or your risk for infection please call us here at CARES 802.863.2437.