On the Road to Zero

Vermont CARES works for and with Vermonters affected by HIV/AIDS to promote wellbeing through a continuum of prevention, support, and advocacy services. Our larger vision is a world of compassionate neighborhoods where: people live free of the stigma, poverty, and oppression associated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic; people of Vermont make informed decisions about HIV prevention, services, and treatment; and there is no longer a need for Vermont CARES.

In order to achieve these goals, Vermont CARES recently launched the On the Road Zero Campaign, which aims to get Vermont to zero new cases of HIV infection by the year 2020. With an average of 15 new diagnoses per year over the past 5 years, Vermont is in striking distance of becoming the first state ever to achieve this goal. However, much work is still needed. Our comprehensive approach to fighting the spread of HIV includes:

  1. HIV prevention services, especially aimed at high risk individuals;
  2. Partner services to encourage HIV status disclosure and risk reduction practices;
  3. Case management services for people living with HIV, including medical adherence programs that discourage the spread of HIV;
  4. Stigma reduction services that are essential for increasing the disclosure of HIV status and the willingness of high risk individuals to get tested.

Through careful planning, measurable goals, and close community partnerships with a variety of health and human service organizations statewide, we can reach our goal to be the first state to eliminate new cases of HIV. We want  your support for this groundbreaking initiative.