Free and Confidential HIV Testing

Vermont CARES is proud to be a leader in HIV testing in Vermont, having introduced rapid testing technology to our state in 2004, and innovating to most effectively reach those at risk ever since our first onsite testing opened in 1999.

We use a rapid-result finger stick test, produced by OraSure, and produce initial results in 20 minutes. These tests are accurate, fast, and free of charge.

In general, we ask that you call to schedule an appointment: we’ll work to try and accommodate your schedule. These screening phone calls allow us to guide you to the best test for your circumstances (for some of us, visiting a doctor’s office might be the most appropriate test).

Our Burlington office is located at 187 Saint Paul Street, between King Street and Maple Street. Parking is available to testing clients while at the office.
(Click Here for a detailed list of our other locations.)

When you come in you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly front desk attendants. If you’ve come during our walk-in testing hours you’ll be asked to have a seat and wait for the next available tester. If you have an appointment with a specific tester let the front desk person know who you are here to see.

During our walk-in testing hours you may have to wait for a few minutes in our waiting area. We keep this area fully stocked with magazines and coffee for your enjoyment: free Wi-Fi is available too.

We’ll ask some basic information to get our conversation started, and will ask what brings you in. We can discuss your HIV risks and any questions you might have, and can work with you to build a plan to stay safe moving forward too. If you need a referral to other types of testing, or PrEP, we have a list of recommended referrals and can help you make those connections.

We also have plenty of information about HIV/AIDS and other STDs on our prevention wall. Feel free to read these at the office or take them home with you.

We also have condoms, lube, dental dams and much more all for FREE!