Becoming a Client

If you are HIV positive and seeking case management services, there are a number of ways in which you can enter into our Services Program. Our case managers and Services Program Director work closely with the Comprehensive Care Clinics (Burlington, Rutland, and St. Johnsbury), Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and individual doctors and providers throughout the state. These medical providers know about Vermont CARES and should be able to connect you with us.

Self referral

  • Call our number and leave a confidential message for our executive director, Peter Jacobsen, at (802)863-2437, ext. 1. He can share with you what case management offers, how to schedule an intake, and learn more about what your case management needs and goals might be.

Request a referral

  • from your primary doctor;
  • from your mental health counselor;
  • from another human services agency that you are working with.

After we receive your call, we will set up an intake meeting with you as soon as possible, ideally within a couple days. These initial meetings can take place in our offices, at your clinic or doctor’s office, or in other appropriate community settings. We also will answer any questions that you have over the telephone, prior to the meeting.

During an intake meeting you can share what your needs are regarding your overall health and well being. We will provide information and resources and make additional referrals, if you would like further assistance than we can provide. We also begin to discuss what you and your case manager may work on as part of your care plan.

The intake process can sometimes take a few meetings to complete. We request you bring the following information. If you do not have these at your initial meeting, we will work with you to secure them at a later date. We absolutely require, and will store safely and confidentially, the following information in order to proved you service:

  • HIV status verification;
  • Proof of income or zero income form;
  • Copy of lease, mortgage, or rental agreement.

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