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A Vermont Harm Reduction & HIV/AIDS Service Organization. “Doin’ it Safer” for more than 35 years. Supporting people living with HIV and people who use drugs.

We are here for you. Help is free and anonymous.

We will meet you with Compassion, Acceptance and Respect. We will Encourage you and Support your goals and needs.

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Our Mission

Vermont CARES provides life-saving harm reduction services, education, and resources to Vermonters affected by HIV, Hepatitis C and substance use by increasing access to care, reducing social stigmas, and building relationships.

Our Vision

Celebrate every small change.
Accept people where they are at.
Respect individual choice and welcome diversity.
Envision compassionate communities.
Stand up for the rights of those we serve.

Programs & Services

Explore the wide range of impactful programs and services offered by Vermont CARES, dedicated to improving lives and fostering community well-being.

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HIV + Case Management

We help you get and stay connected to the medical, mental health, housing, and vocational services you need.

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Syringe Service Program

Free, anonymous services for people who use drugs.
Your life matters.

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Mobile Services

Can’t get to us. We will come to you.

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The quickest, easiest way to request services and supplies throughout Vermont. Privately chat with us anonymously.

Our Impact

As the state’s leading agency in Harm Reduction and HIV services, we are grateful for your ongoing support. Our impact is felt throughout the state and it is very likely that you know someone who has accessed and/or currently needs our services.

HIV and Care Services

More than 160 Vermonters living with HIV accessed case management to help them stabilize their medical care, mental health, and housing.

HIV Prevention Safer
Sex Services

Over 6000 condoms were distributed and over 500 PrEP and HIV basic education pamphlets were shared with community members

Mobile Harm
Reduction Services

More than 250 people living in 29 different towns were served, mostly in rural areas of Vermont with our mobile services across more than 500 visits.

Education & Trainings

Find Training Topics
  • Harm Reduction & Syringe Service Programs
  • Opioid Overdose Response & Administering Narcan
  • HIV Basics
  • Need something a bit more tailored to your work/environment/group? Contact us.
Request a Training

Are you seeking training for your group, agency, or organization? Please fill out our form completely and we will respond within a week.

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Help us do more

Thousands of Vermonters are counting on us to be there for them everyday. Whether it is a gift of financial support, the gift of time or your expertise it can make a difference in someones life.

“You are such an amazing organization and you really save a lot of lives here. Like, the Narcan me and my friends get from here has saved so many lives. I know of at least 20 people who were saved because of you.” An SSP Participant