Vermont CARES Training on HIV & PreP Basics

We offer a foundational training focused on HIV and PreP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis). Participants will:

  • Understand HIV: Dive into the basics of HIV, its transmission, effects, and prevention.
  • Learn about PreP: Explore the fundamentals of PreP, its role in preventing HIV transmission, and appropriate usage.
  • Discover HIV Testing: Gain knowledge about the importance of regular HIV testing, including the convenience and privacy of at-home testing options.
  • Promote Awareness: Equip themselves with knowledge to raise community awareness and reduce stigma associated with HIV.
  • Empower Decision-making: Gain insights to make informed choices about HIV prevention and PreP usage.

This training ensures participants are well-informed about HIV and the preventive power of PreP, fostering a more educated and supportive community.