HIV Case Management

We are committed to helping to improve the lives and well-being of those living with and HIV/AIDS. HIV Case Managers meet regularly with clients in order to help them maintain both their medical health and social well-being.

We collaborate with a number of providers in our communities to help support individuals and reduce stigma and feelings of isolation.

HIV Case Managers assist our clients with:

Referrals, Coordination, and Navigation of Systems
of Care

Assistance for HIV positive individuals in connecting with and sustaining consistent medical, mental health, vocational, employment, and social services as needed.

Emergency Assistance

Limited state and private funding to assist eligible clients with shelter and utility costs, transportation to HIV medical appointments, nutrition, emergencies and other needs related to HIV/AIDS care.

Advocacy for Benefits and Insurance

Assistance with applications for state and federal insurance programs that provide medical, medication, dental care, Social Security and Disability benefits.